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Definition: 1. to draw together or become tight; 2. to limit the natural course of something; 3. to restrict the range and freedom of something

Synonyms: tighten, pinch, strangle, clench, squeeze, compress, stifle, bridle, cramp, deprive, inhibit, restrict, impede

Antonyms: expand, release, loosen, open, free, liberate, release

Tips: Similar to constrain, to constrict is "to tighten and hold back." Constrict holds more of a meaning of binding and choking, rather than mere tension and control, as in constrain. Constrict is a more forceful word. If you feel constricted, you feel restricted or squeezed. Think of a boa constrictor snake, which squeezes its prey to death.

Usage Examples:

Smoking causes blood vessels to constrict, inhibiting blood flow. (tauten, pinch)

The detective was concerned that her bullet-proof vest would constrict her movements when speed was of the essence. (stifle, restrict)

When her boyfriend proposed, Ellie was so happy and excited, her throat became constricted and she could barely get out a "Yes." (squeezed, restricted) adjective

Girdles are meant to constrict the stomach for a more svelte appearance, but they pose the risk of impeding breathing. (tighten, compress)

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