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Definition: 1. unspoken consent to someone else's wrongdoing; 2. secret plotting

Synonyms: consent, conspiracy, plot, collusion, collaboration


Tips: Connivance refers to unspoken encouragement of wrongdoing. To connive is the verb form of connivance and is usually used in the second meaning: "to plot or conspire." Connive is somewhat similar to condone, but to condone is to passively accept something, while to connive is more underhanded and outright devious in encouragement of unlawful behavior. Conniving is the adjective used to describe someone who is plotting or conspiring.

Usage Examples:

There was connivance involved when the chief of police quietly allowed officers to profit from confiscated illegal drugs. (conspiracy, tacit consent)

Her friend's connivance allowed Jenny to steal from the petty cash box. (collusion, tacit consent)

The politician connived with his advisors to steal secret documents from his opponent's office. (collaborated, plotted) verb

My little brother is a conniving, little boy who is always trying to find ways to disrupt my slumber party. (plotting, conspiring) adjective

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