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Definition: to separate or organize into categories or compartments

Synonyms: separate, organize, partition, isolate, assign

Antonyms: bundle, unify

Tips: A compartment is a small space or section used to hold separate things. To compartmentalize is to put things into isolated sections or categories. You can compartmentalize physical objects or you can compartmentalize thoughts or ideas. Either way, it's a form or organizing.

Usage Examples:

Good leaders are able to review several critical issues and compartmentalize each one without being overwhelmed or distracted. (separate, organize)

I know you have a lot on your plate, so you should compartmentalize each project and derive a systematic approach to completing each one. (separate, isolate)

Sometimes it's unhealthy to compartmentalize your life too much. (organize)

By living in New Jersey and working in New York City, his life was carefully compartmentalized, with his work in one city and his family life in another. (separated, organized)

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