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Definition: a method of quickly closing debate and calling for an immediate vote on the matter at hand in U.S. parliamentary procedure

Synonyms: closure, gag law, gag rule


Tips: In the U.S. Senate, to achieve cloture requires a supermajority of three-fifths. Opponents can continue debate until concessions are granted if the motion is supported by more than one-half, but less than three-fifths.

Usage Examples:

The cloture rule is the only conventional way to end an attempt to delay Senate action. (closure, gag-rule)

The U.S. Senate has an official record of cloture motions on their web site. (closure, gag-law)

The congressman declared cloture so that a vote could be recorded. (closure, the end of the debate)

Congress should declare cloture so that the debate can end and voting can begin. (closure)

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