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Definition: 1. inclination to show mercy, compassion, or forgiveness toward an offender or enemy; 2. an act by an authority figure of reducing punishment without forgiving the crime itself; 3. mildness or temperateness of weather

Synonyms: forbearance, mercifulness, benevolence, reprieve, leniency

Antonyms: cruelty, harshness, malice, ruthlessness

Tips: To ask for clemency is to "throw yourself on the mercy of the court." Remember that clemency is not complete forgiveness, but rather a lessoning of a punishment, usually due to some kind of mitigating or extenuating (see extenuate) factors. Authority figures or agencies have the power to grant clemency.

Usage Examples:

The President can grant clemency to certain convicted criminals. (reprieve, leniency)

Some groups submit petitions for clemency for individuals they believe to be wrongly accused. (forbearance, leniency)

The soldier showed clemency to his enemy when he put down his weapon and walked away. (mercy, benevolence)

San Clemente is a small beach town in Southern California, know for its clemency. (mild weather)

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