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Definition: 1. unusually perceptive and discerning; 2. being able to see or feel beyond a natural range of vision or senses

Synonyms: intuitive, perceptive, psychic, conjuring, oracular

Antonyms: insensitive, unreceptive, myopic

Tips: Clairvoyant most often refers to extra-sensory foretelling and having "second sight" (seeing into the future). Clairvoyant has its roots in French, from clair "clear" and voyant "sight." Think, "being able to clearly see the future." Clairvoyant can also be used as a noun to refer to a person who has clairvoyant abilities or the "power of clairvoyance."

Usage Examples:

The realtor's clairvoyant predictions of the Southern California housing market kept him on top of his game. (intuitive, perceptive)

It is remarkable that people make a living doing clairvoyant readings over the phone. (psychic, oracular)

Although I usually don't believe in fortune telling, I went to see the clairvoyant on the recommendation of a friend. (fortuneteller, psychic) noun

His clairvoyance and ability to stay ahead of market trends amazes me. (intuition, perception) noun

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