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Definition: 1. easily irritated and moved to unreasonable or excessive anger; 2. characterized by anger

Synonyms: angry, irritable, antagonized, chafed, incensed, irascible, nettled, hot-tempered, cantankerous

Antonyms: calm, content, joyful, pleased, amiable

Tips: If someone is described as choleric, he or she is likely to become easily angered or irritated. This word is not commonly used in conversation, but may be seen in literature and on standardized tests. It can also be used as a more sophisticated word than "irritatable."

Usage Examples:

His choleric temperament made it difficult for him to stay in a relationship. (irascible, irritable)

The customer service representative's choleric outbursts did not make him a very good employee and he was soon fired. (angry, incensed)

That man is so choleric that his co-workers are afraid to ask him for help, for fear of angering him. (irascible, hot-tempered)

She sought psychiatric treatment for her choleric personality because she was tired of driving people away from her. (angry, irritable, cantankerous)

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