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Definition: showing careless disregard and disrespect for something or somebody

Synonyms: careless, nonchalant, blasť, flippant, negligent, arrogant, haughty, cocky, inconsiderate, disdainful

Antonyms: considerate, careful, respectful, regardful, humble

Tips: Cavalier is usually used to describe someone who makes decisions without considering the risk or negative consequences of the decision, usually in a very arrogant way. It is also used as a noun, referring to a knight or a gallant and chivalrous gentleman, but this meaning is no longer used in modern English.

Usage Examples:

The executive teamís cavalier approach to spending, quickly dried up the companyís cash reserve. (careless, negligent)

She was a great CEO who maintained a balance between being overly conservative and overly cavalier in her acquisition of new companies. (arrogant, cocky, careless)

Mark's cavalier attitude has made him very unpopular around the office. (arrogant, inconsiderate, negligent)

I decided I couldn't work with him because I thought he was too cavalier and wasn't prudent or judicious enough in his decision making. (arrogant, negligent, careless)

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