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Definition: 1. a purification through the purging of emotions or negative feelings; 2. a purging of emotional or psychological complexes that may have been repressed; 3. a physical purgation

Synonyms: purgation, purification, release, relief, transference, cleansing

Antonyms: dirtying, defilement

Tips: Catharsis comes from the Greek word kathairein, which means "to purge or clean." The related adjective cathartic describes something that is cleansing or brings about a release or purging of emotions.

Usage Examples:

It took several years of therapy for him to undergo the emotional catharsis he needed to put the past behind him. (release, purgation)

I always find writing in my journal to be cathartic because it helps me sort through my thoughts and emotions. (purging, relieving) adjective

For many people, reliving their past through hypnosis can bring about catharsis and relief from their depression. (release, purification)

Doctors and scientists now believe that dreams are important for catharsis from daily problems. (relief, cleansing)

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