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noun, verb

Definition: (v.) to find fault with and complain constantly; (n.) a type of fish that is a bottom feeder

Synonyms: complain, moan, grumble, criticize

Antonyms: compliment, praise, admire, extol, appreciate

Tips: Use carping as a more sophisticated way of saying "complaining." If someone is carping, he or she is complaining or being overly critical of something. To help you remember the verb carp, think of the fish. A carp is a bottom-feeder with a big mouth that continuously eats all the junk at the bottom of a canal or lake. Now, imagine if you were a carp, you would probably be carping (complaining) every day about how unsanitary and unpleasant your life is, having to eat all of the junk at the bottom of a lake.

Usage Examples:

I would never eat catfish or carp, as both are bottom feeders that will eat anything that they encounter. (a type of fish) noun

News magazines always feature letters from their readers that carp about the bias or inaccuracies of their articles. (complain) verb

I can't stand people who sit around all day, carping about how much they hate their jobs. (complaining) verb

They had to let him go because he was a malcontent who spent all day carping about his job and the company. (complaining, criticizing) verb

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