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Definition: 1. prejudiced, tending to base decisions on personal opinion; 2. not objective, unfairly leaning to one outcome more often than another

Synonyms: prejudiced, unfair, slanted, unequal, predisposed, partial

Antonyms: impartial, fair, unbiased

Tips: Biased comes from the French word biais, which means "slant." Someone or something that is biased slants or leans unfairly toward one side of an issue. The noun bias means "a preference or inclination toward one thing over another."

Usage Examples:

I never read articles by that sports columnist because he is too biased toward the home team. (partial, slanted)

Some people believed that the exam had been biased, giving an advantage to those who had grown up in more affluent settings, while others said that it was perfectly fair. (unfair, prejudiced)

The media seems to have a reputation of bias for the political party that is in power at any given time. (preference) noun

I won't even ask your opinion on this matter, because I know you're biased anyway. (prejudiced, predisposed)

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