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Definition: confused, fuddled, and unable to think clearly 

Synonyms: confused, thrown, fuddled, confounded, discombobulated

Antonyms: clear, lucid

Tips: Befuddled is one of several words with the prefix be-, which changes the root word (fuddled) from a past tense verb to an adjective. Befitting, beloved, and bemused are three other such words. These words all essentially mean their root word, but the root word usually serves as a past tense verb, and adding the prefix "be-" creates the adjective. The related verb befuddle means "to confuse or confound."

Usage Examples:

Even our technology expert was befuddled by the computer problem. (confused, dumbfounded, confounded) verb

I am so exhausted from my day, I don't think my befuddled brain can handle much more than simply watching television. (confused, tired)

All of the students were befuddled by the professor's complex philosophy question. (confused, confounded) verb

I get tired of movies that portray the police as stupid and befuddled. (confused, discombobulated)

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