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Definition: 1. to motion or signal your hand or head in a way that tells someone to come nearer; 2. to attract people or draw people to you; 3. to increase the likelihood of something happening

Synonyms: wave, summon, nod, signal, attract, gesture, draw, pull, entice, allure

Antonyms: dismiss, send away, reject

Tips: Use beckon to denote making any gesture that calls someone over. For example, if you moved your hand and asked someone to come over and talk to you, you would be beckoning him or her to come over and talk to you. Also, use beckon when something allures people and draws them in. For example, a "1/2 off SALE" sign would beckon (attract, draw) shoppers into a store.

Usage Examples:

John waved his hand and beckoned me to come into his office. (invited, summoned)

The promise of freedom and opportunity beckons people to the United States. (attracts, allures)

"Hey, come over here for a second," she beckoned. (summoned, invited)

The "70% off SALE" sign is sure to beckon shoppers looking for a deal. (attract, allure)

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