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Definition: 1. very destructive, pernicious, and harmful; 2. deadly or sinister

Synonyms: destructive, ruinous, malign, evil, noxious, deadly, sinister, baleful, harmful

Antonyms: harmless, innocuous, beneficial

Tips: Baneful is similar in meaning to baleful, but has an even stronger meaning. Baneful indicates current destructiveness and extreme harm, while baleful often connotes the threat of something harmful. The related word bane means "something harmful, destructive, or deadly." It is from the Old English bana, "something that causes death, a killer." One of its most common uses is in the phrase "the bane of my existence," which refers to something that continually causes irritation or misery.

Usage Examples:

The high school student complained that algebra tests were the bane of her existence. (ruin, misery) noun

His baneful anger threatened all of their safety and security. (deadly, destructive, malign)

The recent onslaught of tornados proved to be baneful for the community, where several people died and many were injured and left homeless. (destructive, deadly, ruinous)

All the extra work Jessica's boss piled on her on Friday afternoon became the bane of her weekend. (misery, death) noun

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