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Definition: 1. true, genuine, or original; 2. worthy of belief

Synonyms: genuine, real, true, trustworthy, factual, reliable

Antonyms: fake, artificial

Tips: Authentic has a special meaning in musical terminology, where it refers to a movement upward from the keynote, as characteristic of church music and the Gregorian mode. In business and everyday life, authentic refers to anything that is real and not falsified, such as "authentic documents." The verb, to authenticate, means "to verify that something is true or real."

Usage Examples:

The vendor from whom I purchased the painting assured me that it is an authentic Picasso. (genuine, real, original)

I can assure you that her account of the accident is authentic. (true, reliable, trustworthy)

We'll need to authenticate these documents before we can say, for sure, that they are real. (verify) verb

This is not an authentic Olympic gold medal; it's a fake. (genuine, real)

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