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Definition: 1. aggressive or fearless boldness or daring; 2. lack of respect

Synonyms: boldness, daring, impudence, insolence, brazenness

Antonyms: caution, fearfulness, reserve

Tips: Audacious is derived from the Latin audere, "to dare." Think of daring or having the audacity to go where others fear to tread. The related adjective audacious refers to bold or brazen behavior, usually brazen. For a memory trick, note how audacity sounds like "all day city." Now, imagine your boss has the audacity (bravery and disrespect) to ask you to spend all day in the city, running petty errands for him, like picking up his dry cleaning and washing his car. It would be audacious (bold and brazen) to make you spend all day in the city running errands, and you might quit because of the request. The essence of audacity and audacious is "having the bravery to do something that could offend others." Because of this, the word has both a positive (bravery, bold) connotation and a negative (rude, impudent, disrespectful) connotation.

Usage Examples:

I can't believe he had the audacity to question my integrity in front of everyone. (bold, daring, impudence)

Her audacity, when confronted with what she viewed as needless homework, was seen by her teachers as a result of being spoiled. (insolence, impudence)

I canít believe he had the audacity to steal my ideas and claim that they were his own. (daring, impudence)

Bursting in during the board meeting was quite audacious of you. (bold, brazen) adjective

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