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noun, adjective

Definition: (n.) something that constricts the body's soft tissues, such as something that closes or shrinks the pores of the skin; (adj.) 1. constricting the body's soft tissues; 2. acting in a strict, severe, hurtful, or caustic manner

Synonyms: (adj.) caustic, acrid, incisive, austere, scathing, harsh

Antonyms: (adj.) bland, soft

Tips: Astringent comes from the Latin word astringere, which means "to bind," or "to draw tightly together." This relates to its meaning of constricting body tissue. After-shave lotion and many facial cleansers are astringents that help tighten your pores. Astringent can also describe comments that are harsh or scathing, which might make the person at whom these comments are directed shrink back.

Usage Examples:

Although they tried not to let it show, the girl's friends were often hurt by her astringent comments. (incisive, caustic) adjective

The dermatologist recommended that the teenager follow up washing his face with an astringent that would reduce oiliness and tighten his pores. (tightening substance) noun

His comments were so astringent that they left her in tears. (caustic, harsh) adjective

Don't use that astringent on your skin after having been in the sun because it may exacerbate your burn. (harsh fluid) noun

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