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Definition: 1. the act of climbing or moving upward; 2. an upward slope; 3. the process of rising to success, power, or importance

Synonyms: ascension, rise, rising, climbing, incline, upgrade

Antonyms: descent

Tips: Ascent is derived from the Latin scandere, "to climb." Ascent can be used both literally, as with climbing a mountain, or figuratively, as with rising to the top of the corporate ladder. The verb to ascend refers to the act of rising or climbing. Note: Do not confuse ascent with its homonym, assent, which is a noun that means agreement and consent (the opposite of dissent).

Usage Examples:

Brad's rapid ascent to superstardom was no surprise to his high school acting teacher, who remembered him as the best actor in his class. (rise, ascension)

With his broken leg, Peter's nightly ascent to his room was a painful and difficult endeavor. (climb)

The backpackers made a slow but determined ascent of Mount Whitney. (climb)

The President's ascent to office was accelerated by the fact that his father had previously held the position. (rise, ascention)

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