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Definition: 1. lacking water or rainfall, very dry; 2. lacking in vitality, interest, or excitement

Synonyms: dry, barren, parched, torrid, dreary, uninspired, dull, lifeless

Antonyms: wet, rainy, fertile, stimulating, vivid

Tips: Arid is derived from the Latin arere, "to be dry." Arid can be used to describe a physical environment, but it can also be used figuratively to refer to something "dry," as in, "dull" or "unexciting." For a memory trick, think of arid with the phrase "air is dry," and note how arid sounds like the beginning of the phrase "air is dry." Also, you may have noted that Arid Deodorant, which claims to keep you dry, is aptly named.

Usage Examples:

The arid intellectual environment of the department eventually forced Lisa to seek a different position. (uninspired, dull)

Bill's attempt to enliven the arid atmosphere of the meeting by telling jokes, was a dismal failure. (dull, dreary)

Desert animals are well adapted to the arid environment in which they live. (dry, torrid)

Rainfall is scarce and drought is a persistent problem in this hot, arid land. (dry, parched)

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