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Definition: 1. based on second-hand accounts or stories, rather than first-hand knowledge; 2. relating to anecdotes

Synonyms: illustrative, descriptive, characterizing, interpretive

Antonyms: first-hand

Tips: An anecdote is a story or short account of a happening. It's often used to draw a correlation between similar situations. Something anecdotal, such as "anecdotal evidence," is story-like evidence told from a few sources, rather than gathered through comprehensive research. You will often hear anecdotal research referred to in contrast to comprehensive and quantitative research.

Usage Examples:

Right now, the anecdotal evidence from interviews with consumers demonstrates that consumers are regaining confidence in the economy, but it will be another month before the economic data comes in to confirm this. (illustrative, interpretive)

He told us a couple amusing anecdotes about his trip to France and how he was treated as an American tourist. (short stories) noun

All we have to work on at the moment, is anecdotal feedback from a few customers. (interpretive, secondhand)

She had some funny anecdotes about her experiences in a college sorority. (stories) noun

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