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Definition: 1. similar in some respects; 2. in biology, used to describe parts of the body that have the same functions but work independently of one another

Synonyms: similar, corresponding, resembling, parallel, alike, equivalent, comparable, associated

Antonyms: different, opposite

Tips: Analogous originated from the Greek ana, "according to," with logos, "ratio." Essentially, things that are analogous are closely linked, but aren't necessarily the same. Use analogous to compare things that are similar in some respects, but essentially dissimilar, as in, "a brain and a computer are analogous." The related noun analogy is a comparison between two similar things. Analogy and metaphor are similar in meaning. See metaphor for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

American football and rugby are considered to be analogous sports. (similar, comparable)

This report is analogous to the one you handed in last week, but I found it to be much more concise. (similar, corresponding)

The wings of a bee and the wings of a hummingbird are analogous. (similar, comparable)

It is sometimes easier to explain an abstract concept by using an analogy with something concrete and easier to understand. (comparison, metaphor) noun

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