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Definition: 1. something that belongs to another time; 2. a person who seems like he or she belongs to another time; 3. an error in chronology; 4. something that is chronologically out of place

Synonyms: incongruity, mistiming, misdate, out-of-date, flaw

Antonyms: congruity

Tips: Anachronism is derived from the Greek khronos, "time," and further from anakhronizesthai, which literally means "to be timed backward." The adjective anachronistic refers to something that is chronologically out of place or attributed to the wrong historical period. Anachronism is a great word to use if you are watching a movie and you see something that is glaringly out of place because it was not yet invented during the time of the story.

Usage Examples:

In this era of personal computers, writing with pen and paper can seem anachronistic. (out-of-date) adjective

The Shakespearean language in this book is an anachronism that will probably confuse most modern readers. (incongruity, something that seems out of date or place)

The movie was set far in the future, but the old-fashioned clothing styles of the characters were distracting anachronisms. (incongruities, flaws)

Eva liked to wear her hair in a bee-hive style that was too anachronistic for the 21st century. (out-of-date, misdated) adjective

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