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noun, verb, adjective

Definition: (n.) 1. something formed by adding together several amounts or things; 2. a combination or composite of separate elements; (v.) 1. to unite or bring together to form a whole; 2. to add up to a number; (adj.) collected together from different sources to form a whole

Synonyms: (n.) collective, total, entirety, (v.) gather, amass, (adj.) combined, complete

Antonyms: (n.) element, unit, (adj.) individual, particular

Tips: Aggregate includes the Latin stem greg (from grex), meaning "flock," as in "flock of sheep." Think of adding up a flock of sheep (aggregating) or bringing the flock together in aggregate. Greg is also the source for the word gregarious, which means "someone who is sociable and likes to be with groups of people." Think, "coming or bringing together."

Usage Examples:

The aggregate of church officials debated over the "prayer in school" controversy. (collective) noun

The aggregate funds from various sources enabled the fund raiser to successfully proceed with the plan for expansion. (total) adjective

The aggregate sum of our losses is even more than you realize. (combined) adjective

Why donít we aggregate our research in order to combine our efforts on this proposal? (gather, amass) verb

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