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Definition: 1. to contaminate, corrupt, or make impure, especially by adding something; 2. to make a food or drink worse by adding something else

Synonyms: contaminate, corrupt, pollute, deteriorate, poison, taint, defile, impair, spoil, dilute, weaken, sully, debase

Antonyms: purify, clarify, cleanse, fortify, enrich, enhance, improve

Tips: The word adulterate can also be used as an adjective to describe something that has been made impure or diluted. The adjective unadulterated means "pure and unspoiled." In most cases, unadulterated is a more dramatic way of saying "pure."

Usage Examples:

My soda was adulterated with water once the ice began to melt. (diluted, spoiled)

The manufacturer of the pain medication warned the public that the drug may have been adulterated during the packaging process. (tainted, contaminated)

The project was an unadulterated mess from the beginning. (pure, complete) adjective

Although everyone else loved the cake, for Monica, it was adulterated by the almonds to which she was highly allergic. (spoiled, poisoned)

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