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noun, adjective

Definition: (n.) 1. something added or connected to a larger or more important thing; 2. somebody who assists and is subordinate to somebody else; (adj.) 1. relating to something added, but not essential; 2. of a person who is subordinate to someone else

Synonyms: (n.) accessory, complement, assistant, auxiliary, addition, (adj.) additional, inessential, complementary, subordinate

Antonyms: (adj.) foundational, crucial

Tips: Adjunct is derived from the same root as adjoin, "to join to." Think of something added. For a memory trick, think, "add junk." Adjunct is usually not a negative word, but it is usually used to describe adding something that is not as important as what you are adding it to. Adjunct is similar to auxiliary. Auxiliary is something that is secondary or is brought in to help.

Usage Examples:

Matt's short report was an adjunct to a longer, comprehensive study. (addition, complement) noun

Sally is an adjunct to the Colonel's staff. (assistant, addition) noun

I had hoped for a full time position at the university, but I settled for being hired as an adjunct professor. (auxiliary, assistant) adjective

The author was terribly wordy, littering her sentences with adjunct phrases. (inessential, additional) adjective

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