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Definition: 1. an expression signifying praise, distinction, or approval; 2. public praise of somebody's achievements; 3. a tangible symbol signifying praise or distinction

Synonyms: kudos, commendation, acclaim, honor, decoration, laurels, award, praise, tribute

Antonyms: blame, disparagement

Tips: Accolades can be tangible, as in awards, or just special acknowledgments to distinguish and honor a person. Accolade is synonymous with the words kudos and commendation. Accolade is more often used to describe a physical award, while kudos is used more to describe less tangible praise, honor, or acknowledgement. Commendation is related to the verb commend, which means "to formally praise someone or something." Commendation is a more formal award than accolade.

Usage Examples:

The guest speaker delivered special accolades to the doctor for his medical breakthroughs. (awards, commendations)

The lead dancer received flowers as accolades for her performance. (awards, tributes)

The certificates hanging on my wall are accolades for my many accomplishments. (awards, laurels)

The writer received numerous accolades and praise for her latest work. (awards, commendations)

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