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Definition: 1. to relieve somebody from an obligation; 2. to forgive; 3. to officially take blame away from somebody

Synonyms: release, free, forgive, exculpate, acquit, exonerate, pardon

Antonyms: condemn, sentence

Tips: Absolve is derived from the Latin absolvere, which means "to set free." The meaning of "forgiveness" applies especially to the forgiving of sins in church. The related noun absolution means "forgiveness."

Usage Examples:

Since you did such a great job on your homework, I will absolve you of your chores this afternoon. (free, release)

The justice system is a legal, not a spiritual body; it may acquit you, but it cannot grant you absolution. (forgiveness) noun

The judge will likely absolve the suspect of all charges, since there isn't much evidence against him. (acquit, free)

After my best friend betrayed me, it took several years for me to absolve her for the betrayal. (forgive, pardon)

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