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Definition: 1. to shorten something (such as text) by cutting or summarizing; 2. to reduce in scope while keeping essential elements

Synonyms: curtail, diminish, shorten, abbreviate

Antonyms: enlarge, lengthen

Tips: Abridge is derived from the Latin abbreviare, "to shorten." Abridge is related to the word abbreviate, which also means "to shorten." For a memory trick, think about how "a bridge" would shorten your journey across a river versus going all the way around the river. Abridge often refers to the shortening of a book or a document. You most likely have heard of an abridged version of a dictionary. This is the shorter, more condensed version. Abridge is related to truncate, curtail, condense, and abbreviate. See condense for a detailed analysis.

Usage Examples:

The script has been abridged for television. (shortened)

The editorial was abridged due to space constraints. (shortened)

The publisher thought the history book was too long for young students and decided to abridge it. (shorten)

I recently purchased a new encyclopedia, but I didn't realize that I bought the abridged version instead of the complete version. (shortened, edited) adjective

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