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Definition: 1. to give up, promise, or swear to give up; 2. to renounce something such as a belief

Synonyms: forswear, relinquish, renounce, disavow, recant, give up, forsake

Antonyms: persist

Tips: Abjure is derived from the Latin abjurare, "to deny on oath." In abjuring something, you might deny yourself the pleasure of doing it or you might swear not to do it. Abjure is often used when the renunciation or giving up is done in a formal situation or even under pressure from others. Note: do not confuse abjure with the similarly-spelled word adjure, which means "to request earnestly."

Usage Examples:

The young actress knew she would have to abjure privacy in order to gain fame. (give up, relinquish)

In taking the oath of citizenship, immigrants abjure allegiance to their former countries. (renounce, forsake)

She abjured her formerly held beliefs when she converted to another religion. (disavowed)

She decided to abjure lying when she realized how much her lies had hurt her family. (forswear, give up)

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