SAT Vocabulary Builder Software That is Worthy of Your Investment

Attention all Parents and Students Studying for the New SAT

Everyone now agrees: if you want to earn a high score on the New SAT, you MUST have a strong SAT Vocabulary. That is you must know the vocabulary words that most often appear on the New SAT.

If you still have questions about the importance of vocabulary on the NEW SAT, then we suggest you read our article on SAT Vocabulary.

If you are now convinced that vocabulary is indeed critical to earning a high score, then we strongly recommend you consider the Power Vocabulary Builder. PVB is an SAT Vocabulary Builder tool that will help you learn important, must-know SAT words 10 to 100 times faster.

There are four key reasons why we recommend the Power Vocabulary Builder and why the program will help you to learn SAT words faster.

Key Advantage One: The Power Vocabulary Builder lists words in the exact order of the likelihood they will appear on the SAT exam that you will be taking. The creators of the Power Vocabulary Builder have evaluated words used on previous exams and have listed words based on their frequency of appearance. By listing words in order of the likelihood that they will appear on your SAT exam, you will be save time by focusing on ONLY the most important SAT Vocabulary words-the words most likely to appear on your test.

Key Advantage Two: The Power Vocabulary Builder shows you exactly when, where and how to use these SAT words. This is important for the SAT essay as part of your score is based on your word usage. With the Power Vocabulary Builder, you will know exactly when, where and how to use the words that will give you a higher score on the SAT essay.

Key Advantage Three: The Power Vocabulary Builder has memory tricks that will help you to place SAT words in your permanent memory and lock them there forever! You will learn and remember important must know SAT words quicker and easier with the Power Vocabulary Builder.

Key Advantage Four: The Power Vocabulary Builder includes complete the sentence questions that are just like the SAT complete the sentence questions. With the Power Vocabulary Builder you will be extra prepared to answer these difficult SAT questions.

To learn more about the Power Vocabulary Builder and how it can help you prepare for the SAT and College, visit their site at