Power Talking: The Power of Positive Communication

If you are looking to improve your overall communication skills, both for career advancement and growth in your personal relationships, we strongly recommend George Walther's Power Talking program. Power Talking is a unique communication training program that helps you to positively communicate your ideas with impact.

In Power Talking you will learn Power Phrases that enable you to say what you mean and get what you want. You will also learn "powerless" phrases that have been inhibiting your communication and preventing you from effectively communicating your point of view.

The comprehensive Power Talking program teaches you 50 Power Talking Techniques that when applied will immediately rid you of powerless communication and enable you to positively communicate your ideas with impact. With the Power Talking Techniques you will project a positive image with everyone you encounter. Whether you are communicating with friends, family or coworkers, you will see the immediate and positive impact of Power Talking.

For more about Power Talking and other George Walther programs, visit George's site at www.GeorgeWalther.com

About George Walther George Walther is an internationally acclaimed expert at boosting personal performance. He's a professional speaker of the highest caliber, and is widely published.

His focus areas are:
Improving communication effectiveness with "Phone Power" and "Power Talking" techniques,
Making customer relationships more profitable using "Upside-Down Marketing" strategies, and
Honing intuitive decision-making using "Gut-Level Leadership" principles.

George's books, audio programs, and video training tapes have been published around the world in many languages. Phone Power shows people in every profession how to be more effective and efficient every time they use their telephones. Power Talking is a practical guide to communicating more positively and powerfully. Upside-Down Marketing revolutionizes traditional sales philosophies by focusing on the most profitable -- and the most overlooked -- sales opportunities among existing and former customers.

Professional Credentials
A full-time professional speaker since 1980, George holds the National Speakers Association's Certified Speaking Professional designation, and has also been inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. He earned an MBA in Marketing from UCLA, and graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Rhetoric and Public Address. Media appearances have ranged from CNN to Live with Regis; Wall Street Journal to Ladies Home Journal.