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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a wooden bar that harnesses two animals together; 2. a bar designed to fit across a person's shoulders so that loads can be balanced on the ends; 3. a bond that ties; 4. something that is restrictive or oppressive; (v.) to link or become joined together

Synonyms: (n.) collar, harness, crosspiece, bondage, chain, enslavement, link, connection, oppression, (v.) harness, attach, connect, join, bond, tie

Antonyms: (v.) disconnect, divide, separate, free, release

Tips: The word yoke comes from Proto-Indo-European jugom, which means "a joining." The word "join" shares a similar origin. Yoke is used literally to denote joining animals (the bar that harnesses two Oxen togerther for pulling farm equipment) or figuratively to refer to a bond or restriction. It can be used as both a noun and a verb (see usage examples).

Usage Examples:

They were bound together through the yoke of marriage. (bond, tie, link) noun

The people of that country have been living under the yoke of oppression for far too long. (enslavement, bondage) noun

The farmer will have to yoke the oxen together in order to plow the field. (chain, link, join) verb

Our creative department will have to yoke with the account service department to meet the needs of the clients. (join, bond) verb

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