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Definition: to cause something to happen, especially something violent or destructive

Synonyms: force, cause, create, unleash, inflict

Antonyms: cease, end, stop

Tips: Wreak is derived from the Old English wrecan, which means "to avenge, punish." Wreak has come to mean causing something unpleasant to come about, as in "wreaking havoc," a common phrase. Note: do not confuse wreak with its homonym reek, which means" a bad smell" or" to give off a foul smell."

Usage Examples:

It seems that every year, hurricanes wreak havoc in Florida. (unleash, inflict, create)

Rebels wreaked destruction in many villages during the civil war. (brought about, created, inflicted)

The unruly student spent most of his day wreaking chaos in his classroom. (creating, causing)

All the pollen in the air wreaks havoc on my allergies every spring. (unleashes, inflicts)

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