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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to shrink back in pain or fear; 2. to make a face indicating pain, fear, dislike, or disgust; (n.) 1. an expression of pain; 2. a sudden movement back or away from something because of fear, pain, or disgust

Synonyms: (v.) flinch, recoil, shrink, cringe


Tips: Use wince to denote a facial expression of pain. We often wince (make a grimace of shrink back in fear) when we're confronted with something surprisingly unpleasant. Think of how your facial expression might suddenly change if someone put a stinky shoe right under your nose--you would most likely wince.

Usage Examples:

I winced with pain as the nurse gave me a shot. (flinched, cringed) verb

I winced in disgust when I smelled the odor of the garbage truck. (recoiled, cringed) verb

She gave a wince when the dentist told her she needed a root canal. (pained facial expression) noun

I winced when I saw my terrible test score. (cringed, recoiled) verb

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