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Definition: 1. random and without reason or without care; 2. done purposely in order to cause harm; 3. unrestrained and extravagant; 4. lewd or immoral, especially sexually

Synonyms: needless, arbitrary, reckless, unjustifiable, deliberate, cruel, lavish, frivolous, extravagant, immoral, cheap, easy, promiscuous

Antonyms: chaste, discreet, reserved, lawful

Tips: In addition to its adjective form, wanton can also be used as a noun and a verb to refer to lewd and unrestrained behavior. However, these forms are rare and archaic. Wanton is most often used today to describe random and malicious acts, such as those of violence. Wanton is also used to describe something done "without care" and is usually negative, as in: "his wanton disregard for safety."

Usage Examples:

It's funny to think that she was regarded as wanton back in the 50's, as her behavior would be considered rather prude today. (easy, cheap, immoral)

The unstable country was plagued by acts of wanton violence. (needless, arbitrary)

In Africa, wanton destruction of human life is seen on both sides of the horrible civil wars. (cruel, needless, without care)

His wanton disregard for the safety of his children led the child services department to conduct an investigation into his fitness as a parent. (reckless, needless, without care)

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