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Definition: 1. to gradually decrease or diminish; 2. to come to an end

Synonyms: decline, decrease, fade, diminish, subside, abate

Antonyms: grow, increase, intensify

Tips: When something wanes, it gradually weakens or loses its power or intensity. Wane can also be used as a noun in the phrase "…on the wane," which essentially means that something is becoming less strong. The noun waning can also be used to denote fading or diminishing.

Usage Examples:

Initially, the team was excited about the new project, but when the client became difficult to work with, our enthusiasm waned. (decreased, subsided)

The waning of her energy was obvious in the way her movements gradually slowed down. (decline) noun

As the restaurant gained popularity, the quality of the food seemed to wane. (decline, diminish)

My cravings for sugary foods gradually waned as I began to eat less of them. (subsided, decreased)

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