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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to roll around lazily in something; 2. to take pleasure in something--bask; 3. to indulge or be immersed in something; (n.) 1. the act of wallowing or rolling around; 2. a thing or place where animals roll around, like a puddle; 3. a state of depravity or immoral behavior

Synonyms: (v.) roll, slosh, bathe, flounder, bask, immerse, wade, indulge, delight, loll, revel, luxuriate, (n.) pond, puddle, pool, depravity

Antonyms: shun, refrain, avoid

Tips: Wallow is derived from the Old English wealwian, which means "to roll." Picture pigs rolling in mud. Wallow is used literally to mean rolling and figuratively to refer to a kind of glorious basking or immersion in something. Wallow can also be negative and refer to immersion in self-pity.

Usage Examples:

The farmer dug a muddy wallow for his pigs to slosh in. (puddle, pool) noun

After he lost his job, Bob only wanted to wallow in self-pity for the rest of the week. (immerse himself, bathe in) verb

Unless you are wallowing in money, you probably shouldn't buy such an expensive car. (bathing, basking, rolling) verb

I don't care for people who wallow in self-pity; I respect people who confront adversity, dust themselves off, and move on. (bask, indulge, immerse) verb

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