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Definition: 1. likely to change suddenly; 2. liable to lead to violence; 3. evaporating easily

Synonyms: capricious, inconsistent, explosive, unstable, unsteady, erratic, fleeting, evaporative

Antonyms: stable, constant

Tips: Volatile is derived from the Latin volatilis, which means "fleeting, transitory." Think of things that are fleeting or changing. Volatile also describes things that are unstable as well as prone to violence. In scientific contexts, volatile can also be used as a noun to denote a substance that easily changes from a solid or liquid to a gas: "The scientist heated the liquid to evaporate the volatiles."

Usage Examples:

The volatile situation in the Middle East could erupt into violence at any moment. (explosive, unstable, unsteady)

She is afraid to invest in the stock market because it seems volatile and risky. (unstable, inconsistent, erratic)

The news report said to expect volatile weather this week, possibly including thunderstorms and hail. (erratic, unstable)

She has a volatile temper and is prone to shouting at people in anger. (explosive, erratic)

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