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Definition: 1. bright or intense in color; 2. very clear and fresh when perceived by the eye or the mind; 3. capable of evoking strong and distinct images; 4. lively and animated

Synonyms: bright, intense, colorful, dazzling, rich, clear, graphic, realistic, fresh, lively, spirited, animated

Antonyms: dull, muddy, weak

Tips: Vivid comes from the Latin word vividus, "spirited, animated, lively." You have probably heard an ad for a television with vivid colors or pictures printed with vivid colors. This is the classic use of vivid--to describe bright colors that are easy to view. Anything described as vivid is easy to see. You have probably heard the term "vivid detail." If you say you remember something in vivid detail, it means you see something in detail, as if it was right in front of you today. From the original Latin root, vivid can also be used to describe something lively and animated.

Usage Examples:

I still have vivid memories of my childhood. (intense, clear)

She recounted the events of last weekend with vivid detail. (rich, graphic)

The colors of her dress were quite vivid against her pale skin. (bright, intense)

Brian's vivid imagination will serve him well in a creative field. (rich, lively, colorful)

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