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Definition: 1. to spread negative information about; 2. to make malicious statements against

Synonyms: defame, denigrate, malign, denounce, slander

Antonyms: praise, honor

Tips: Vilify is derived from the Latin vilis, "cheap, vile." Once a reputation has been vilified, it is very difficult to rectify it back to its original state. Notice the similarity to the word villain (an evil person). Someone who is vilified is made out to look like a villain. Vilify is related and similar to slander, libel, defame, smear, malign, besmirch, denigrate, and impugn. Note: there are many sophisticated ways to state that someone has "talked behind your back."

Usage Examples:

He feels that he was unjustly vilified by the press and plans to file a lawsuit for slander. (denigrated, slandered, maligned)

It is unfortunate that politicians spend more time vilifying their opponents than demonstrating their own qualities. (maligning)

You can't solve you problems at work by vilifying your boss. (maligning)

The campaign was politics as usual, with each candidate trying to malign and vilify his opponent instead of focusing on the issues. (denigrate)

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