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Definition: 1. able to live, exist, or survive; 2. able to be successfully accomplished or put into practice

Synonyms: workable, practical, doable, attainable, possible, feasible

Antonyms: impossible, unworkable

Tips: Viable is often used to describe fetuses capable of surviving outside the womb. Viable can also be used to describe plants capable of growing successfully. In business, viable is often used to refer to a "doable," "workable," or "attainable" objective: "Do you think this is a viable strategy?" Viable is related to the verb vie, which means "to contend or compete with."

Usage Examples:

Although I love his ideas for remodeling our house, I'm not sure they're viable. (doable, possible, practicable)

The siblings were known to constantly vie for their parents attention, and even today, working for the same company, they compete with one another, each pointing out that his idea is more viable than his brother's. (practical, workable)

Itís entirely viable that Tom will be chosen as the new CEO, but heís not leaving anything to chance and is vying for the job with vigor. (possible, feasible)

That is certainly a viable option, but letís take a look at all of the possibilities before we make a decision. (workable, feasible)

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