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Definition: too wordy, containing more words than necessary (often at the expense of clarity)

Synonyms: wordy, long-winded, garrulous, loquacious

Antonyms: concise, succinct, terse

Tips: Verbose is from the Latin verbosus, which is from verbum, or "word." Verbose is used to describe someone who is overly "wordy." Verbose is usually used in a critical sense. For a memory trick, note how verbose sounds like "verb hose." Now, imagine someone who is so verbose, people say his mouth is like a "verb hose," with verbs and words constantly spewing out. Verbose is synonymous with garrulous and loquacious. See further analysis at garrulous.

Usage Examples:

The best man was already known for being verbose, and his eight minute toast at the wedding served as apt demonstration. (long-winded, wordy)

The teacher told her students that although she wanted their essays to be five pages long, it was more important to be clear than verbose. (wordy)

Everyone knew something was wrong when the normally verbose CEO was so quiet during the meeting. (garrulous)

Make sure he really thinks about what he plans to say to the group; in the past, he has been overly verbose when he has given presentations. (long-winded)

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