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Definition: to release or strongly express one's emotions

Synonyms: release, express, voice, vocalize, shout, rant, unleash

Antonyms: inhibit, suppress, repress, curb

Tips: The word vent has many meanings and uses, but the SAT tests for the meaning of releasing one's feelings. The act of strongly expressing or releasing one's feelings can also be called a vent (noun). Think of the way you would vent (release air) smoke or steam from a room by opening a window. In the same vain, you can vent your emotions by releasing them through your words or actions.

Usage Examples:

Thanks for letting me vent my complaints like that; I feel much better now. (release, express)

She vented her feelings for an hour, but when I started to tell her about my bad day, she abruptly said she had to get off the phone. (vocalized, unleashed)

You should vent your frustrations or they'll just build up. (voice, release)

Be careful who you vent your anger to, because your words could come back to haunt you. (voice, express)

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