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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a thin layer of a decorative material that is used to hide something unattractive or cheap; 2. a superficial or deceptive appearance; (v.) to attach a veneer

Synonyms: (n.) surfacing, facing, fašade, pretense, coating, covering, disguise, (v.) finish, cover, overlay

Antonyms: (n.) interior, substance

Tips: Veneer is derived from the German (and possibly French) furnier, which meant "to cover with a veneer." The word "furnish" shares a similar origin. Veneer may be used as a noun or a verb (see usage examples) to denote outer, deceptively ornamental covering. Veneer can be used figuratively to describe an outer demeanor used to hide true inner emotions or intentions. Veneers (artificial tool surfaces placed over real teeth) are very popular in cosmetic dentistry.

Usage Examples:

Frank hid his sadness behind a veneer of toughness. (disguise, pretense) noun

Sam couldn't decide whether to veneer the old armoire or simply paint it. (cover, overlay, resurface) verb

Judy got a set of porcelain veneers to cover her crooked teeth. (artificial tooth surface) noun

He hid his depravity under a veneer of false kindness. (pretense, disguise, fašade)

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