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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. likely to or capable of change; 2. inconsistent in quality or character; (n.) something that is able or liable to change or vary

Synonyms: (adj.) changeable, mutable, flexible, inconsistent, fluctuating, shifting, volatile, fickle

Antonyms: (adj.) constant, unchanging, consistent

Tips: Something that is variable is able to change and commonly does so. In math, a variable is a range of values that can change in an equation, while in logic a variable is a symbol used to represent individual statements. Variable, in both the adjective and noun form, always describes or refers to things that change. In the equation 2+3x-4y=?, the answer to the equation will depend on the variables x and y. The answer to the equation changes based on the value of the variables.

Usage Examples:

This was such a difficult decision because there were so many variables for me to consider. (things that could change) noun

The weather in Denver is so variable that it can be hot and sunny in the morning, and by the early afternoon, it could be snowing. (fluctuating, inconsistent) adjective

We didn't feel comfortable with a variable interest rate on our home mortgage, so we chose a mortgage with a fixed rate instead. (changeable, flexible, fluctuating) adjective

His temperament is variable and depends on how much sleep he got the previous night. (volatile, inconsistent) adjective

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