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Definition: 1. not clearly understood or expressed; 2. lacking definite shape or substance

Synonyms: indistinct, unclear, indefinite, unspecific, ambiguous, obscure, cryptic, inexpressive, unintelligible, nebulous, hazy

Antonyms: clear, distinct, specific

Tips: Vague comes from the Latin word vagus, "wandering" or "inconstant." Something that is vague lacks clarity. Vague is similar in meaning to the word ambiguous. See more at ambiguous.

Usage Examples:

She was very vague with her answers during the interview, so it was difficult to get a sense of what she really thought. (ambiguous, cryptic, unclear)

I have a vague memory of my childhood, but looking at pictures usually helps make my memories more vivid. (hazy, indistinct)

She made a vague gesture with her hand, and we couldn't tell whether she was waving to us or waving us away. (unclear, indefinite)

He can be so vague sometimes, it's impossible to tell what he's thinking. (inexpressive, unintelligible)

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