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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) 1. to express something aloud, though not necessarily with words; 2. to say something; 3. to say something in print; (adj.) total and complete

Synonyms: (v.) say, blurt, exclaim, express, (adj.) complete, total


Tips: Utter comes from a Middle Dutch word, which meant "to speak or announce." When something is uttered, it is expressed, although it doesn't necessarily have to spoken. A grunt, for instance, can be uttered. Utter may almost seem like a slang word, but it's actually somewhat formal. Saying, "He uttered a complaint," for instance, is actually more sophisticated than just saying, "He complained." The word utter also has a second meaning, as an adjective. In this usage, it means "complete and total."

Usage Examples:

She uttered a statement of surprise when she heard the news. (said, expressed) verb

I was utterly embarrassed at what had happened. (completely, totally) adverb

He didn't utter a word in his own defense. (say, exclaim) verb

The meeting was an utter waste of my time. (total, complete) adjective

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