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Definition: to make use of or find a practical use for something

Synonyms: use, apply, operate, employ, manipulate


Tips: Utilize means ďto use in a practical or effective wayĒ and so, means something more specific than "use," which is the more general word. Utilize can also be a more formal way of saying "to make use of." The word utilize should be avoided when the intended meaning is simply "use." The related noun utility means "usefulness, value, or efficacy." The noun utilization is often used in finance, technical, and operational discussions and refers to the use of equipment or resources and gaining utility from them (e.g: We were able to gain greater utilization from the new equipment).

Usage Examples:

The program utilizes a complicated mathematical formula to process the data. (employs)

Letís make sure we utilize our resources as efficiently as possible. (use wisely)

Make sure you utilize all of the knowledge you gained throughout the years. (apply)

I donít understand why we havenít utilized our new project management system. (put to use)

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