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Definition: composed and able to remain calm when facing difficult situations

Synonyms: composed, calm, cool, dispassionate, collected, unflustered

Antonyms: flustered, nervous, anxious, disturbed, emotional

Tips: When learning the word unflappable, think about a sail flapping in a stormy wind. The wind forces the sail to shake and move around uncontrollably. If someone is unflappable, he or she is not easily shaken by difficult situations. The term unflappable was first used to describe Harold Macmillan, who was Prime Minister of England from 1957-1963. Good leaders should be unflappable.

Usage Examples:

In order to work in this frenetic, high-pressure job, you need to be unflappable. (composed, calm, collected)

During the entire cross examination, the witness remained unflappable and calmly answered the attorney's barrage of questions. (calm, cool, collected, poised)

He is a great debater, because he is unflappable and always takes his time to calmly answer the question, without getting overly excited or angry. (calm, collective)

I voted for him for President because I think he is an unflappable leader who will stay the course and remain true to his agenda. (calm, collective, steadfast)

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