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Definition: genuine and sincere, not pretended

Synonyms: genuine, sincere, heartfelt, true, real, trustworthy, earnest

Antonyms: pretended, artificial, fake, feigned

Tips: The root word feign means "to pretend or fake something." When you add the negative un-, "not" to the root word feign, the adjective unfeigned means "sincere and genuine." Unfeigned is used to describe actions or words that are sincere and true.

Usage Examples:

When Bob proposed to Jane, her unfeigned surprise was priceless. (genuine, sincere, real)

His apology seemed unfeigned and sincere. (heartfelt, real)

The members of the committee expressed unfeigned happiness with the design for the new library. (genuine, true)

When Gary won the election, his opponent's congratulations seemed feigned and insincere. (pretended, insincere, dishonest)

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